Installing New AC Units in the West Valley

When it comes to purchasing and installing a new air conditioning unit, be sure to do your research before hiring a company. Here at Aaahhh Home Services, we have the qualifications and experience to make sure you are getting the best unit for your home. Your satisfaction is our guarantee! Come see why customers keep leaving us 5 star reviews on Google! So what makes our expert AC installation different from every other AC installation place?

AC Installation

  • Clean Installation: when the installation process requires us to come inside your home. We will respect your home and make sure we do not leave a mess throughout your home. We will clean up after ourselves and make sure the work area looks as if we were never there.
  • High-Quality Services: All of our technicians are NATE-certified, meaning they received rigorous training to obtain the most coveted technical certification in the industry. During the installation, we will follow a checklist to make sure nothing is missed and to ensure that everything is working properly. Once the installation is completed we will give you a live tutorial on how to use your new system.
  • Service Membership Club: You will have a chance to join our Service Membership Club for ongoing maintenance on your new AC unit. Your will receive discounts that are not available to other customers and you will never have to pay a service call fee. Call (623) 824-4511 to find out how you can join the club.

We take pride in offering quality services at an affordable rate here in the west valley. We service Goodyear, Buckeye, Sun City, Sun City West, Avondale, Surprise, El Mirage and other areas located in the west valley We’ll be waiting to hear from you and look forward to taking your comfort to the next level.

Time For New Air Filters

With temperatures reaching 100 degrees earlier this week means summer is officially here. This also means that the season for high energy bills has also started. Throughout the summer we will provide different tips on how to keep your energy bill down and on how to maintain quality airflow in your home.

The quickest way to save money each month on your energy bill is to each month is to clean or replace your air filter. Air filters not only keeps the air you breath clean, keeping your filters clean will also help to protect your air conditioner unit from damage. If the air filter is clogged, your AC unit ends up working harder than it needs to, consuming more energy.


An air filter works by removing tiny particles in the air of your home. The air filter is able to trap these particles, as the clean air flows through the air filter. Your air conditioner is designed to maintain a level airflow whenever the AC unit is used. Whenever this airflow is restricted, serious problems with your air conditioner unit can occur. This is why regular cleaning or changing is so important.


Restricted airflow can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up. Ice on the coil will prevent refrigerant from absorbing heat effectively, which means that your air conditioner unit is not running efficiently. This is not only making your energy bill higher, it is also putting stress on the other parts in the AC unit, including the compressor, perhaps the most important component of your AC.


Most air filters are disposable, but you can also purchase a reusable model. Just be sure to clean it according to manufacturer instructions. When selecting a new air filter, look for a higher MERV rating for more effective filtration, but confirm that the air filter will not limit your airflow. Also be sure that you purchase an air filter that fits your AC unit.


Here at AAAHHH Home Services, we provide high quality service at an affordable rate. Our services include a 21 point inspection for $19.95 or a tune up for $39.95. We have great reviews on Google, Angies List and Yelp. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your AC unit, saving money in the future.

Contact us online or call (623) 824-4511 for more information now. Mention this blog and we will wave the service call fee!